What’s inside


A-E  M-O  P-S  T-Z 

The favourite sloth The Favorite Poem Project and an outstanding reading of Theodore Roethke’s “The Sloth”.
Flann O’Brien’s Book-Handling Enterprise – How to make near-illiterate people appear to be excellent readers
The flight of sails, the flow of wood and time unswung – Paintings by Vladimir Kuch
The Frog – A poem which begins “What a wonderful bird the frog is” and assorted frog calls.
The future as it was  – The way the world was going to look like in the 21st century according to people a hundred years ago.
Giant Steps, Step by Step – An animated transcription of a John Coltrane which makes you feel that you yourself are playing
Go-back-to-sleep road– About imaginary cities and better street names.
Haikus for explaneedfuls – How to expand definitions to the verge of satori.
Halfpenny thoughts no. 3 – ROW: the new ratio we all need – Have you checked your ROW lately?
Handkerstuff – A concept which we really need and which could spawn a hundred new words.
Handelitis and the The-sun-is-shining-road – Wonderful Handel arias and why we don’t care to recall who sang them.
Hanging from a Melting Ice-Cap – Inventive early 20th Century advertisement for a shipping line.
Head Swivelling and the Art of Sleeping – Two short films by Chris Marker (one cat, several owls).
The Heart of Chinese Poetry – About the way Chinese poems work. About the best introduction to Chinese poetry.
Hey, History! – Poem about History’s bad reading habits.
How to open and close a door quietly – The way that butlers do it.
How our bodies were in the 1950’s – An interesting old diagram of a human body as a factory.
How to say “extinction” in Chumyl – About “The Linguists” a film on people documenting endangered languages.
Ho Xuan Huong – about an amazing 19th century Vietnamese poet and her erotic poems
A Hundred Steps – Poem about the fact that an unusual angle of vision can make your brain start working again.
If Beethoven had been Mozart – What would we be missing?
If vegetables be the food of music – Clips of people playing music on vegetables.
The Igs (Ig Nobel Prizes) – All the best awards at the Ig Nobels
Ilhan Berk – Jet Black – Poem by Ilhan Berk –
Improvisation on improvisation in desperation – Jazz pianist Henry Hey tries to reproduce the wheel-skidding and tail-spinning rhythms of Sarah Palin’s speech.
The Indian Boy outside the Temple – poem about moonlight and hair.
Instructions on How to Climb a Staircase– Julio Cortazar’s guide to how to climb stairs which I painstakingly copied out to fit around the photograph of a spiral staircase.
Interjected intervals – Songs to help you to remember musical intervals.
Is it a duck? Is it a monkey? Is it a dog? No, it’s @ – All the names which @ goes by
Istanbul – Above the Ring – A poem about travelling on Istanbul’s ferries.
“I’ve shot hares.” Patrick Leigh Fermor – A short extract from A Time of Gifts
Juliet’s Wall – Just a picture of the wall outside Juliet’s house in Verona.
Kafka’s Somebug – Mostly about Vladimir Nabokov’s analysis of what kind of insect Gregor Samsa was.
Kora, Griot, Diabate, Sissoko, Kairaba Jabi – the beautiful Kora and a beautiful song
La Luna – A poem by Jaime Sabines about all the ways you can use the moon.
Leopardi’s Infinity – A translation of one of the greatest poems ever written.
Looking at the water – Photographing reflections takes you into an unexpected liquid world
Lu Xun Hope – A wonderful quote from the great writer Lu Xun on hope.