My Poems

The Art of Conversation – Poem about the fact that conversation is not a competitor sport.
Baristi d’Italia – My hymn to the skills of all the people who make espresso in Italian coffee bars.
But soundly sailing – A poem about sounds heard and remembered mixing in a state of almost sleep
Chiflador – A poem about a Mexican bus driver and the way he whistled.
The Compleat Shoe Shiner – A poem about shining everything.
Events – A poem about the many different ways events announce themselves.
A Hundred Steps – Poem about the fact that an unusual angle of vision can make your brain start working again.
Istanbul – Above the Ring – A poem about travelling on Istanbul’s ferries.
A Minor Key – A poem about the wonderful things you can see if you remember to look.
The Monster in Ness – Poem about the fact that even when you try to be nessless you end up pursuing nesslessnes.
Montezuma’s Revenge – A very short poem about something, though I can’t say what.
No Natural – A poem about disagreeing and unconsciously agreeing. And about two musicians I saw playing in Puebla, Mexico.
The Observation Car – My best poem, in my opinion, about a train ride from Colombo to Kandy.
On airports – A poem about how airports should really be named
One short, one long
– A poem about the expression “as appropriate”.
Paloma, Astronomically – A poem. Some girls are so cool they make every boy look like an idiot.
A Party of One – A poem with postcards written on the air, moustachioed waiters, high-wattage cats’ eyes and silverishly swimming fish.
The Pharmacy on Reforma. Puebla, Mexico – A poem about a sale gone flat.
Recipe no. 1 – Sweet and Sour Rememboree – Cooking memories of various kinds.
Recipe no. 2 – Sumida River Empty Cake– A poem about Zen cookery.
riverrun – A poem about word diseases.
Santa Cochinilla, I think – A poem about thinking too much.
Shipshape in Shangri-la – Poem about pigeons on statues.
Somewhere in Sichuan – A poem about how to spread panic.
Three Dogs in Cholula – Poem about the micro-events of Cholula, Mexico.
The Umbrellas of Colombo – A poem about the mysterious movements of umbrellas in Sri Lanka’s capital city.


Leopardi’s Infinity – A translation of one of the greatest poems ever
Pablo Neruda – Ode to the Artichoke – My translation of this poem.

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