What’s inside


A-E  F-L  P-S  T-Z 

maggie and milly and molly and may – Lovely poem by e.e. cummings. “For whatever we lose (like a you or a me)/it’s always ourselves we find in the sea.”
The many ways a minaret might be – How to built a typically local minaret.
Masters in Conversation: The Hitchcock-Truffaut tapes: Where to listen to conversations between two of the greatest film-makers.
The Meaning of Tolstoy’s War and Peace in one Sentence – Not at all about Tolstoy, but about the searches which have brought people to my blog, the best one being Is something wrong with my dog’s head if its sideways.
Memories of Pyongyang – A week in Pyongyang in the 1990’s.
Mexican Bus Ride – Things to see in Cuautla, Mexico and an encounter with an interesting person.
A Minor Key – A poem about the wonderful things you can see if you remember to look.
Missions to the Moon- Ariosto and CalvinoThe wheel of fortune and the cheese expeditions
The Monster in Ness – Poem about the fact that even when you try to be nessless you end up pursuing nesslessness.
Montaigne berates his member – One of the most stylish and funny sentences ever written
Montezuma’s Revenge – A very short poem about something, though I can’t say what.
More bitter still – The same song made unrecognisable with a substitution
More Ko Un – More poems from the Korean poet who decided to write one poem about every person he had ever met.
More often not – A poem about being (and not being) there
The Most Beautiful Thing – I once spent a period asking everyone I knew what the most beautiful thing they had ever seen was.
Mozart’s Starling Sang G Sharp – An Invasive Story – Discovering that starlings do much more than just shit on you
Music for eating peaches to – About Huong Thanh, an outstanding Vietnamese singer.
My Accidental Greek Wedding – The mysteries and dangers of phrase books.
My life is the gardener of my body – Yehuda Amichai – Never has a body been so intensely described
New Rome bus routes – Do buses run down North African borders?
Ninety Train Rides – About train sequences in films.
No Natural – A poem about disagreeing and unconsciously agreeing. And about two musicians I saw playing in Puebla, Mexico.
Now anyone can write rap – Microsoft Werd, a program you won’t find in shops
The Observation Car – My best poem, in my opinion, about a train ride from Colombo to Kandy.
Old Shanghai and Three Places in New England – About He Youzhi’s interesting illustrations of the old crafts of Shanghai, jinghus and erhus, overlapping sounds at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing and in Charles Ives music.
On airports – A poem about how airports should really be named
One short, one long – A poem about the expression “as appropriate”.
Orhan Veli – Istanbul’u dinliyorum – I am listening to Istanbul – Lovely poem about the sounds of Istanbul by a great poet.
Ounce Dice Trice – About a lovely children’s book by Alastair Reid and Ben Shahn.