What’s inside


A-E  F-L  M-O  T-Z 

Paloma, Astronomically – A poem. Some girls are so cool they make every boy look like an idiot.
Pablo Neruda – Ode to the Artichoke – My translation of this poem.
A Party of One – A poem with postcards written on the air, moustachioed waiters, high-wattage cats’ eyes and silverishly swimming fish.
Patrick O’Brian – I do love a blow – A passage on sailing in the South Atlantic which is so effective in making you feel you were there that you will have to wring your clothes out afterwards.
People who believe in the death penalty – Not evil but …
The Pharmacy on Reforma. Puebla, Mexico – A poem about a sale gone flat.
Pi in the Sky with Diamonds – When Pi day should really be
The Poemarium – About my other website, the Poemarium.
The Poemarium (2) – About Issa, Basho, Jia Dao, Emily DIckinson, Pessoa
The Poetry of Google Translate – Google Translate can’t always translate but it can make new poetry
Pop-tarts and Gutisk – The Linguistic Productivity Index and the rarest languages on Wikipedia
Put a Sheep in your Pocket – Proverbs in Istanbul – Includes a number of mystifying  proverbs and an interesting picture showing how to put a sheep in your pocket.
Le Quatorze Laurel – Better names for months
Random Walk – How to get to somewhere you weren’t expecting to get to and other random activities. Includes interesting picture of monkey typing the complete works of Shakespeare.
Recipe no. 1 – Sweet and Sour Rememboree – Cooking memories of various kinds.
Recipe no. 2 – Sumida River Empty Cake– A poem about Zen cookery.
Reciprocating Soup – The Tantalising Cusine of Google Translate – To accompany your Pumpkin Avalanche would you rather have Baked New Button, Nervous Leaf Rolls or Pan Arab?
Retrodictions 2008 – Indian astrology is not for the faint-hearted. Or the chapattiless.
Rhyme’s Reason – The repetions build the villanelle – About the villanelle form in poetry. About a book which teaches you about poetic form through poems. And two famous villanelles by Auden and Elizabeth Bishop.
riverrun – A poem about word diseases.
Rome’s New Traffic Plan? -The cats, the dogs, the pigeons and the seagulls would stop to watch as well.
Rossini’s Little Train – How Rossini’s crescendos chug by according to Alberto Savinio
ROW, the ratio we all need – Halfpenny thought on a vital performance indicator.
Salamshaloms – The unexpected effects of merging religions in my novel Vinylia
Sans Serrife Day – About a famous April Fool’s Day invention and other hoaxes.
Santa Cochinilla, I think – A poem about thinking too much.
Say it in Terpreting – A plea for the invention of a sign language for simultaneous interpreters.
Sei Shonagon’s Things – Lists from the Pillow Book (1) – Elegant things, Things that should be large, Things that should be short.
Settetto Buffo di Sette Gatti – Cats being played by a pianist and Rossini’s famous cat duet.
Shipshape in Shangri-la – Poem about pigeons on statues.
Shoppers– Window shopping with a butterfly
The Shortnesses of Longevity – Can you live too long? What about other people, can they live too long?
Sideways Anti-Aging Formula. Free! – This works – for a while – (I actually received a message from a company saying they thought it was a very useful concept).
Sideways to Le Havre – Ride a 1930’s steam engine into Le Havre with Jean Gabin.
Signs for Pause – Signs which made me stop in my tracks
Sillygism – Silly syllogism
Smiles in my pockets – Kobayashi Issa will make you burst out laughing
Softly her Tower Crumbled – A wonderful passage from Nabokov’s Ada.
Somewhere in Sichuan – A poem about how to spread panic.
The S’s of Mexico – Poem about people selling small things in Mexico.
Stalin’s socks and Goethe’s thistles – Artichokes, Onions, Thistles. How close Neruda came to writing a poem about Stalin’s socks. Amazing statistics about potatoes.
The Sting in Heine’s Tail – The sudden turnarounds in Heinrich Heine’s poems
Stock Markets – Half-penny thought on why money vanishes but doesn’t magically appear.
Stop beating around the mulberry bush and do the needful – Selected Indian consumer complaints.
Stovepipe with a quick legover – Bill Bryson re-words cricket
A Surprise Intruder at my Door – A science-fiction story almost comes true.