What’s inside


F-L  M-O  P-S  T-Z 

Aesthetics is  –  Barnett Newman on how much birds need ornithology
Africa, slowly from the sky – An American photographer’s pictures taken from a motorised paraglider.
Aguaxima – The best encyclopaedia definition ever.
Airport security in 2041 – Poem about the way airport security will be in the future.
Aloud – John Skelton – To Mistress Margaret Hussey – A poem with beautiful rhythms read aloud
An alternative Napoleon – What if Genoa had never transferred Corsica to France?
Angelic Landings – I don’t think anyone else has organised a gymnastics competition for angels. See some of the top contenders in action. Don’t forget to enlarge the pictures so as to be able to give your own scores.
Approximating Breakfast – The need for audio-guides to hotel breakfast layouts and to people as well.
Arise! An Imaginary Film Scene – A good scene to put into a film
Around and up and almost down – How to get to know places you weren’t looking for
The Art of Conversation – Poem about the fact that conversation is not a competitor sport.
The Art of Toys and PIanos  – Masterworks performed on a toy piano.
An artesian reform of the French numbering system – including trois-trente trente-trois (123) and other new exciting numbers.
Austin Kleon’s Blackout Poetry – Making poetry by crossing out words in newspaper articles.
Baristi d’Italia – My hymn to the skills of all the people who make espresso in Italian coffee bars.
Being led up the juice can path – Elation and disappointment in a Saharan oasis
Billy Collins reading three poems brought to completion – What it says it is. A clip of Billy Collins reading three poems of his.
Blue Lemons – In search of a new short poetry form
Boris Kovac, a Piper from out of the Ruins – About a musician who deserves to be more famous.
The Businessman’s Kit – An Indian hotel’s idea of what a businessman needs.
But I have no. 5 – A slight mistake in English can make a wonderful sentence
But soundly sailing – A poem about sounds heard and remembered mixing in a state of almost sleep
The Cats will know – My translation of Cesare Pavese’s poem
Chiflador – A poem about a Mexican bus driver and the way he whistled.
Children Brand Children – Picture of Macao advertisement for “Children Brand” Fireworks.
Coming to your neighbourhood soon. Complaineries! – I am not complaining about anyone, I just think they would be a good idea.
The Compleat Shoe Shiner – A poem about shining everything.
The Da Vinci Scope – Looking at paintings closer than you have ever been before.
A definition of Naples – A picture which is a portrait of Neapolitan life
Disparitions mystérieuses des civilisations méso-americaines – Where have all the Bixtecs gone? (poem in French)
Duck and Crystal – Two very different ways of producing an outstanding performance. Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli and John Cage.
The duck with the golden leg – No bathing sign for ducks ? Dog on duck patrol ? Why ducks sleep on one leg. 
Earliest documented pizza delivery
– A surprising find in a Berlin museum
Eastern wisdom vs Tennis – Getting servants to play your tennis and the horse-action saddle
Engineered Food – About Manifold Destiny, a guide to cooking on your car engine, with a few sample recipes.
Etceteras for the next 25 kilometers – Good Road Signs – Some road signs you might not have seen yet.
Evening (Der Abend) – My translation of this beautiful poem by Rainer Maria Rilke
Events – A poem about the many different ways events announce themselves.
The Exterminating Angel – The most sedative insecticide ever.
Eyes in the City – Kurt Tucholsky – A beautiful poem by Tucholsky, also set to music.