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Recipe no. 1 – Sweet and sour rememboree

(A poem with instructions on how to cook memories)

(Listen to the poem here)



Start with the and.
Select a photograph of someone you have
lost or crossed,
shared days then parted ways with
and watch it softly
(think of a gaze on tip-toes),
five minutes for each side,
first at the picture, then
at the picture gone,
turning slowly, clockwise,
like time itself
until you have
a good emulsion in your mind.

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Recipe no. 2: Sumida River Empty Cake

(Listen to the poem here)

First buy a ring cake,

which you will not eat.

A chance to buy a flavour you don’t like.

Cut out the middle hole, be small

and try to take forever. Think that

a mouse is lapping up Sumida river.

Discard the cake, carry the hole,

use all your fifty fingers, carefully,

within the skein there can be dreams. Read more…

Engineered Food


The Polish science-fiction writer Stanislav Lem once set a story in a world in which the energy of children running about and playing was harnessed for power production.

As I walk round in Rome in Summer, I think about that whenever I am  knocked off the pavement by blasts of hot air issuing from air-conditioned buildings. I suppose that super-heating pedestrians is good for the economy since it stimulates cold drink consumption, but it also seems obvious that there must be something more useful we can do with this hot air than pumping it out into the streets. Couldn’t we set up little welding shops or or have mini pineapple plantations there ?  And think of all the heat jet engines produce, we should at the very least be able to make use of that to iron everybody’s clothes before they land and dispel that jaded transcontinental look which makes baggage carousels so depressing even when you do get your baggage. Read more…