The Poemarium

I have set up a new site called “The Poemarium” at The idea is very simple. I intend to post one poem a day there from the books I have on my shelves. There won’t be any special order; as in an aquarium you won’t be able to predict which poem is  going to swim by next. I will always put up the original. If I have a  translation or can do a rough translation myself (prose or verse).  The translations  will be very uneven, the aim is just to allow you to get  a sense of the original and in general to increase the proportion of poetry on the Internet.

I shall still be posting poems I like on Sideways Station, but I will  giving priority to ones with a good translation or ones which I have something to say about and I will also try and read the ones which are in English. Eventually it would be nice to be able to listen a recording of the original for the poems in other languages as well.

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