If vegetables be the food of music

I had bought lots of vegetables to make minestrone tonight but then I came across this video:

So now I have got my tools out and am making my own orchestra. One can always cook the vegetables afterwards (and maybe the soup will taste better after you have played some Haydn or Mozart – that’s just an idea. I am not sure who the tastiest musicians are yet).

You can check to see whether the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra is coming your way at their website. From the reviews I have read, it would seem that this orchestra also has a distinctive smell.

Vienna has an outstanding musical tradition, of course, but I honestly think it should be possible to have an even more exciting vegetable orchestra in Palermo or Istanbul, because the vegetables there are so much better.Then, when you have done the washing up, here is a bagpipe you can make with your rubber gloves:

And, if you only have one carrot in the fridge, here is a clarinet you can make:

More instruments you can make from pieces of your house at www.linseypollak.com


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