Halfpenny thoughts no.2 – What does the Queen sing in the shower?


Thoughts which aren’t even worth a penny

If you have watched any royal ceremonies involving the Queen of England,  you may have noticed that she is the only person who doesn’t join in when “God Save the Queen” is sung. She can’t, of course. It would make no sense.

But I am sure that there have been times when she has sung it in private. How could one resist it? When she’s really worked up about something or, almost unthinkingly, in the shower. She would still need to change the words, though. This is what I think she sings:

“God save my gracious Me, Long live my noble Me, Go-od save Me!”

And, perhaps, people would enjoy it more if they too could sing those words instead of the standard version. In this selfie-littered age of self-display and ceaseless selling, this should, really, become everybody’s personal anthem.


  1. Those lines are great “God save my gracious Me, Long live my noble Me, Go-od save Me!”-I am sure and agree with you that the queen also sang this song in these lyrics as well. It was so much to read this article.

  2. Maria Rosaria Ugo

    Irriverente per un suddito linguistico di Sua Maestà The Queen…ma divertente!!
    Abbiamo bisogno di farci una risata nel
    nostro non certo allegro quotidiano.

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